BR (W) Great Western Pattern Point Rodding Stool Clock


This clock is made from a genuine BR (W) Great Western Railway pattern point rodding stool. Point rodding controlled the points and locks from a signal box or ground frame, the stools which were lined up alongside each other carried a roller between them which supported the rods. Early types of rodding used round bar but was changed to square U section under British Railways. These stools were used for nearly fifty years on the Bala Lake Railway. The rodding at Llanuwchllyn was overhauled in 2022 and broken stools replaced. This stool has been lovingly repaired and upcycled into a very attractive and unique clock using a high quality sweep type mechanism. Made in heavy cast iron beautifully polished and stands 7.5 inches tall.

A truly unique piece of signalling history for the enthiusuast.

These pieces are marked BR WR and are very limited in stock. Grab one while you can!!

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Very limited stock only 4 made!!