377-227J BR 16T Steel Mineral Wagon with Top Flap Doors BR Grey [W]


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Coal fuelled Britain during the twentieth century and much of this fuel was transported by rail. The 16 Ton Steel Mineral Wagon began as a wartime design, but following Nationalisation hundreds of thousands of these humble four wheel wagons would be ordered by BR to move coal around the UK, replacing the wooden-bodied wagons that had been inherited from the ‘Big Four’ railway companies and private owners.

This Graham Farish model depicts a wagon with end doors, and side doors which have top flaps – this aided manual unloading in coal yards – and the model features separately fitted door stops, brake gear, linkage and hand brake levers, and is fitted with metal buffers.



  • Graham Farish N Scale
  • Era 4
  • Weathered BR Grey livery
  • Running No. B168339
  • Length 41mm