Oxford Diecast Fred Dibnah Aveling & Porter Road Roller (Betsy) & Wagon 1:76 Scale


Packed: 25cm 6.7cm 8.0cm ( L x W x H )

Unpacked: 16.0cm 3.3cm 5.0cm ( L x W x H )

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There are two pieces to this magnificent celebration of Fred Dibnah The first comprises the Aveling & Porter Steam Roller with signage featuring Fred’s well-known primary occupation as a Lancashire steeplejack. His traditional methods of demolishing chimneys instead of all the ‘new-fangled’ ways  drew lots of attention in the day and when his fame grew even more, made his TV series about the day job compulsive watching.

Fred’s Steam Roller is painted in bright green with a black roof, a clay brown roof underside and bright red features on the bodywork.  His signage Fred Dibnah Steeplejack Bolton 30303 is printed in drop shadow work along the edge of the roof. As with all Oxford’s steam, vehicles, the detail is amazing with gold, silver, black, white, yellow and red used on cables, chains, struts, chimneys, belts and boiler to great effect. Fred’s steam roller is registered DM3079 and the Aveling & Porter crest sits proudly on the front of the black boiler. The road roller and wheel outers are given an olive grey finish while the roller and wheel inners are matt black.  Fred named his machine Betsy and her name is printed in gold on black on both sides behind the tall black and gold chimney stack.

Accompanying Fred’s Road Roller is his 76APR004B Living Wagon, which he used to park outside his house in Bolton. Painted in the same bright green as his steam vehicle, it also has a black roof and additional red features. It is registered DM3709 all ready to be towed by his road roller using the tow hook authentically reproduced on the front. A pale brown 5-rung ladder is strapped to the rear so Fred could unhitch it when he wanted to lean it against the door to his cabin There are windows on three sides and the bold gold signage is this time promoting Fred Dibnah & Sons, Steeplejack with a Bolton 531303 telephone number.