.Oxford Rail GWR Dean Goods 2534 With Snow Plough


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The Dean Goods was the workhorse of the GWR goods department from 1883 until the twilight of the Steam era. The final locomotive was withdrawn in 1957. The class had become the standard locos for the lightly built and winding Welsh lines by their withdrawal.

The GWR only suffered from heavy snow intermittently in the South of the country, hence they invested in a series of snow ploughs which were stored during the mild winter, but capable of being quickly put into use as required.

The Dean Goods was ideal for this sort of role, being a wide spread loco which could travel on any line – including the lighter laid and more weather prone Welsh lines.

Our model recreates a very unusualfeature – but what an incredible sight it must have been attacking a snow drift!

DCC Ready with 8 pin socket.