DVD Dinorwig Quarry and Maid Marian – A Historic Record


A DVD recording the history of Quarry Hunslet Maid Marain, including rare archive footage of the Dinorwig slate quarries in Llanberis.

Running time 45 mins.

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With archive cine footage and stills by Doug Carrington

Produced by the Maid Marian Loco Fund:

During the mid 1960’s and again in the 1980’s, Doug Carrington, founding member of what became the “Maid Marian” Locomotive Fund visited the Dinorwig Quarry in Llanberis taking 8mm film and a considerable number of slides.

Much of Doug’s historic material is featured on this 45 minute DVD, telling the story of Hunslet “Maid Marian, who together with her crew and stable mates worked the precarious rail network of the Dinorwig Quarry in North Wales.

Additional material appears courtesy of Hugh Jones, Bev Woolner and the Bala Lake Railway.