Reliving Preservation – Bala Lake Railway – Photo & 2 Disc DVD Set


A DVD or Blue Ray of a trip along the Bala Lake Railway and the August 2017 Steam Gala. Sold By RailAdvent.



Please note, this product is sold and shipped by a third party retailer.

For every DVD sold, RailAdvent will donate
£5 to the BLR’s Covid-19 Appeal

This brand new DVD features around 90 minutes of footage of RailAdvent’s archive footage from 2017, with footage from the Bala Lake Railway Annual Steam Gala, and a day visit in the summer, along with 2 A4 unframed prints from the Gala.

What’s Included?

You can choose either DVD (£17.99) or Blu-ray format (£18.99), DVD is selected by default above.

In addition to the 2 disc set, you also get 2 FREE A4 size unframed prints worth £9.99 each.